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Actions made to connect with surrounding items.

queer screwdrivers at hennes queer bar

In the empty boutiqe Hennes the Hennes Queer Bar took place for one evening serving queer screwdrivers.

fake yoga sessions 1-7

The hostel
The train
The station
The train
The toilet
In the middle of nowhere
The hotel

Observing myself from rovaniemi to home

Documentations from a roadtrip through northern Finland, Sweden and Norway in October 2016. 

In Haparanda:
"The total happiness, I've had so much breakfast. Cheese and crispbread and coffee and crossword and sun outside. And hot rod under blanket. It's such a fantastic autumn day, and some apple juice and yoghurt. You dont need much more, actually, to get this happy."

Souvenir actions

My mom bought a scarf for me when she was in Thailand. She gave it to me and explained that it was nothing special, it was just a simple "thai-thing". I understood it was some kind of trivial, unvaluable item. Like a souvenir, something unreal. 

Analog photography/video

Karasjokk, Aarhus, Gotland, Kvaløya, Tromsø

Map of ongoing events and their reconstructions

The enigma of Kikki Danielsson, Pikachü, the transformation of a transformer and the function of WHITE.

WHITE machine

Ongoing performative events based on the Manifesto WHITE machine.
(J:M:N 2016)

Event NO II 25/10 2016
At Beates Black Box

"The first story of WHITE. When I was about 12 years old my mother told me a story that her friend had told her. The friend was working in a kindergarden. When they were to eat lunch, one of the kids refused to eat, saying he didnt eat any other pasta than Barilla pasta.
The first time I heard this story it felt as if I had been deceived my whole life."

whatever chance to get a feeling of happiness

Wallpaintings from the installation of
B O O T L E G (16/9 2016)